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Today I had something happen that turned a 45 min errand into a 3 hour forever moment.

(About a 3 min read)

I took my son Zion (2yrs old) with me to target to get dog food. As we were pulling in, I saw two kids, a boy and a girl, frantically looking around the parking lot.

I heard the Holy Spirit whisper “ask them if they need help.” So, I slowly circled around the parking lot trying not to look like a stalker… i parked the car, picked up my son and headed over to the boy. He was blonde and VERY dirty.

I asked the Holy Spirit what he wanted me to do. To which he replied, “ask him what he needs”. So I did. The boy replied “the store won’t let me call our mom with their phone..” I said “ Would you like to use mine?” He thankfully accepted and called with no reply…

My heart went out to him… I remembered my childhood of living in the projects without the Lord… low-income housing… never having enough… it was ALL too familiar.

I asked him how I could help. He said he just needed to charge his pre-paid phone, but he didn’t have a charger and his phone wasn’t active.

I felt the Fathers heart welling up within me and said “Why don’t you go get your sister and meet me inside.” So he did.

After a few mins the boy came through the doors with a tall and incredibly filthy young lady about 12 yrs old… she couldn’t even lift her head… this was a very broken girl… I gently said “I know you don’t know me, but I’d like to help you, are you ok with that?” She nodded and so I asked them both this time “What do you need? Don’t be shy.”

The boy said, “I just need a power cord and maybe some time on my phone account… is that ok, sir?” To which I replied “Certainly!” And we headed back to the electronics department.

I heard the Holy Spirit say “they’ve been living in their car until 2 days ago”… I continued the conversation as we waited in line. “Are you and your sister ok?” The boy replied with guarded words “we’re good now that we’re in a hotel for a couple weeks…” I said “You’ve been living in your car up to two days ago, haven’t you?” He was set back a little, and said “how did you know?” I said “God told me… He also told me that He loves you both and has an AMAZING and fulfilling plan for your life”.

The boy went silent… the girl couldn’t stop staring at me for about 2 min as we waited…

We completed the purchase and went to the front of the store. While in line I heard the Holy Spirit say “ask them if they need anything else…” so I did to which they replied “no”. So, following the spirits leading I proceeded to ask if they needed coats or clothes. The boy said “I don’t think I’ve ever had new clothes…” so we left the line and I said “ok, come with me…”

After we made the coat selections… the two of them started to whisper to each other about the prices. The girl kept rubbing her coat of choice closely against her face like a favorite stuffed animal… my “Daddy’s heart” had to choke back the tears…

We went outside and they thanked me… my son Zion said to me “ice cream?” And I said “I remember, let’s go get ice cream.” Zion smiled, looked over to the two kids and said “come, please?” And I said “do you want them to come with us to get ice cream?” “Yep!” He replied… so we walked several store fronts down for ice cream.

They ordered such small ice-cream cones… it was obvious that they’ve been living in limitations… we sat down and talked for about 20 mins before they’re mom called my phone and finally showed up…

Here’s the thing… what stood out to me the most was when the boy said “what do you do for a living?! Do you own a business?” To which I replied “Yes, I do. I also work for a ministry, but I just wanted you and your sister to feel valued and to know how much Jesus loves you”… to which he replied “What’s a ministry and who is Jesus?”…

This world has no idea what they need… or who Jesus really is, for that matter…

I don’t believe in bible thumping people into the kingdom of God because it’s the love of God that brings people to repentance… not force. Broken hearts need healing… and most people can’t even feel the hurt anymore…

If you love God, then you will love people. Short and sweet… and the opposite is true as well… if you don’t love people… then how can you love God?

Thank you for reading through this whole epic post… it changed me today… for the better.

My challenge to you is this: Love people and Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you… try it. the Word of God doesn’t lie.


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