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I Was So Pig-Headed…

(About a 5 min read… with a challenge!)

A couple months ago, my wife Katrina and I had a disagreement… I told her that I was going to go and clear my head and talk to God about it… There’s always one of two outcomes when this happens… I’m either told that I need to apologize (which is usually the case, lol) or Holy Spirit speaks to her and she apologizes…

Well, this was one of those times that my leadership was suffering… my pride was hurt… and I didn’t want to take the responsibility for my neglect and lack… So i went for a drive… I unloaded my heart… and received my correction… I had been focusing so much on business and ministry that time with my family had become severely lacking…

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to order dinner and take it home to her… While I was waiting for our meal to be prepared, the Holy Spirit challenged me to ask my wife 11 Questions… and be open to receive her honest answers… so I did.

This is what I texted her:

Hi babe, If you’ll allow me to irritate you for a minute… would you please answer these 11 questions on a scale of 1-10?.. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest:

1. Do you feel that I take care of you? 2. Do you feel like I appreciate you? 3. Do you feel like I love you? 4. Do you feel safe with me? 5. Am I a good father? 6. Am I a good husband? 7. Am I a good friend? 8. Am I a good lover? 9. Am I encouraging? 10. Do you feel like you can trust me? 11. Are you excited about our future together?

Now, would you mind explaining in one sentence for each number, what you would like to be different in each area?

Well folks, things changed… in ME… it’s one thing to be wrong… it’s an entirely different thing to to do something to change it…

Men, I challenge you to do the same. Don’t be so pig-headed, like I was, and allow yourself the grace to grow and sharpen… and become what you were meant to be!


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