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Let's be real. Most people cringe over their feet let alone others feet. What is it about feet that people don't like? The shape? The smell? How dirty they can be?

Maybe it's the toes? Some are bent, some are straight, some are curled, some are crooked. Some feet are soft and some feet are rough and broken. Feet seem to be intimidating.

How interesting Jesus chose to serve the ones who served Him by lowering Himself below his followers, the disciples, (who were everyday people by the way) and washed their feet.

(He's also called all true believers to be disciples.)

Jesus wasn't and isn't above the people. He wasn't an elitist. He didn't think of Himself so highly that He was untouchable. Jesus loved as His Father loved. He placed Himself at a servants level.

What did it mean to wash someone's feet?

It was an abomination and unholy to enter the house of the Lord with out being clean. As a priest, you DID NOT enter a Holy place without thoroughly washing your hands and feet at least twice.

As a wife, in the culture of Jesus' days, you were expected, no matter how many maids you had, to wash the feet of your husband.

Furthermore, as a HOST of any gathering or of your home, you were to always provide the proper tools, clean water, for your guests to enter in with clean feet.

See what ‘s happening here?

Jesus, as the token of redemption, places Himself as all of these things before His servants. Once again, debunking all law and religious acts and just serving with love and compassion. He was showing them what salvation was going to look like. He was preparing their hearts with a physical act of love.

Some of them were having a hard time understanding and receiving it too. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Some things are hard to change.

What does Jesus say you are? His bride, a royal priesthood, the house, the temple of the Holy Ghost. A huge fact in what Jesus did by serving the disciples is ... were they sinless? No! He even states that after He served them.

Sin isn't a product from your hands and feet. Sin is produced from the posture of the heart. Jesus, ALREADY knowing where Judas was in His walk with Him and being a disciple, STILL bent down on His knees and served the one who would soon betray Him.

JESUS doesn't care where you are. It matters to Him where you can go together.

Jesus is the ultimate example that the HEART is the matter, not the rules. You don't get saved by rules. You get saved by the heart. Furthermore, you take on the Father's heart, just like His son.

None of us are perfect. Some people fall flat on their face. Some people are falling flat on their face daily but know the right things to say so no one knows the reality. Some people know to just get right back up.

Does it matter? The sin, no, it doesn't. Is it right? No, its not. Is it excusable? No, but it's forgiven.

It's missing the mark? What's the mark?

Ultimately... the heart of God. That's why Jesus took sin away. What He doesn't want for us is the consequences, the pain, the suffering, and hurting others in the process. He wants us to live in life and Godliness, Spirit & Truth, life and life more abundantly. And, He wants us to show others that as He is, so are WE in this world.

He REALLY tries to drive the point home that it's about death or life, not wrong or right. He makes a point to help you understand you should choose life. Not only that He gives you life but that He wants you to have it MORE abundantly. In other words, he wants you to FLOURISH in this gift He's given you.

If you try and tell God about your sin and how you've disqualified yourself, through Christ, He's not going to know what you're talking about. And we should be the same!!! Why? Because He sent His only son to die for that very thing you're trying to tell Him about. Jesus took it upon Himself and in return you are in right standings with God, NO MATTER WHAT, you are righteous. If your aren't, it's okay. It's not too late. It's never too late, as long as you are living, and sometimes, THAT'S not even the case. 😉

So, get back up! Brush yourself off. Forgive yourself, because God already did, and keep that heart of yours healthy and pure. You are enough because HE is enough! Without Him we're nothing. But WITH Him we're everything.

Creation started from the heart of God. Jesus died for you not because it was easy and it was the rule. Far from it! Jesus died for us because He loves us ... the HEART!

Salvation comes from the heart. HEALING comes from the heart. EVERYTHING is about your heart. Living from the inside out.

If someone has a desire to live a life of sin, they need to either get saved or re-dedicate their life to their loving Savior. Because living for Jesus is a LIFESTYLE. And when you walk IN the Spirit it’s a promise you WILL NOT fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

Living and wanting a life of sin is not a believing heart, the fruit says so. Jesus BECAME sin so you didn't have to bear it. He LITERALLY experienced and became all things. So ya, He gets it AND gets you. Believing with YOUR HEART AND confessing with YOUR mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and also acknowledging the POWER, who is the Spirit of God, that raised Jesus from the dead. It is a package deal.

Why? Because He knows the tools you will need to keep that heart of yours in check and in a healthy place so you can continue showing and telling the goodness of God, His love for ALL mankind. Not just stating/telling ... SHOWING... DEMONSTRATION of the Love of God.

Stay healthy and live a life that says AND shows that your's and everyone's heart around you matters. You are valuable. He loves you and so do we.




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